Mini Cakes

These are mini cakes I made for a friends baby shower. I made a large sheet cake, filled it, froze it, then cut them up into 2x2 slices. I covered them in poured fondant that I made (if I can remember the recipe I used, I will post it).
They aren't perfect, you can really see through the icing. They were my first ones. I'll have to practice some more.
I cut out some little fondant daisy flowers and placed them on top.

Makeup cake

The top tier of this cake is supposed to be a makeup bag. I think if I were to do another one of these I would not use dots. It looks kind of like it has the chicken pox. The makeup was made using molds and chocolate.

Elmo Slice Cake

I did this cake for my niece Sammie. She wanted an Elmo cake. So I decided to make a "slice" cake. It was my first one. As you can see the slice of cake is a little tilted.


I made this cake for Gavyn's 4th birthday. He requested a Shrek cake. I had fun with this one. My husband really helped with the idea. Shrek is made from fondant it is a flat fondant figure, motiff I think it is called.


I think this frog is so cute! I made if from fondant to go on top of a cake for a little girl who likes frogs. I was told after the party that she carried it around in her hand like it was real. How cute!!

Hot Pink, Black and White

This cake was done for as display cake at a really cool party place in Texas. It's still there. It is not really cake, it is styrofoam covered in fondant and decorated in fondant. It has crystals all over it. I really like this one.


Here is a closer look at the dragon.

Chinese New Year Cake

I did this cake for the cub scout Blue and Gold Banquet. The theme was Chinese New Year. The cake is iced in butter cream and airbrushed red. I piped the Chinese characters and molded the dragon out of fondant.