Baking Cookies on a Stick tutorial, Cookie Pops

It's really easy to bake cookies on a stick. Here is a tutorial on how to do it.

Items needed:
  • cookie sheets (flat with no sides are best) or the back of a regular one
  • parchment paper
  • large rolling pin
  • lollipop sticks
  • two dowel rods
  • cookie dough

1. Cut parchement paper the width of the cookie sheet

2. Place cookie dough between two sheets of parchment. Place a dowel rod on each side of the parchment paper. Place rolling pin over dowels and cookie dough and roll out the dough until your rolling pin is rolling on the dowels. Using the dowels helps to get the cookie dough the same width all over. This will ensure even baking. Your cookies will be about 1/4" thick.
*if the parchment wrinkles during the rolling just
lift up the parchment and reposition it on the dough.

4. Cut out your cookies. This recipe is very sturdy and you can easily pick up the cookies.
You can chill the cookies before moving
Or the way I prefer
You don't even have to handle them. The dough is already on parchment so I cut them out as best I can, pull the excess dough away and slide the whole piece of parchment onto the cookie sheet. ;)

5. Now you are ready to insert the sticks. You have to lay your cookies on the parchment so you can insert the sticks in the bottom of your cookie. I keep this in mind when I am cutting out the cookies. If I were inserting sticks in all the cookies I would have down the top two cookies so the bottoms are facing the outside of the cookie sheet. I'm only doing one cookie stick.

6. Insert they stick by placing the parchment back over the cookie, place one hand on top of the cookie and insert the stick by pushing and lightly twisting it into the cookie. Insert the stick 2/3 into the cookie. Remove the parchment.

7. Bake cookies according recipe insturctions

8. Let cool and have fun decorating!

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Tates said...

Good idea on baking cookies. I liked it lot. I tried this one and my friends liked it lot. Thanks for this informative blog.