Cookie Bouquets

I made these guys for Mother's Day. I baked round cookies on lollipop sticks, decorated them with royal icing. I think next time I will use butter cream. The royal icing dried to hard. It makes for good decorating, just not to nice to eat in my opinion. Once the icing was dry I placed them in a flower pot. Inside the flower pot was a piece of floral styrofoam, I just stuck the stick directly into the foam. I put some beans in the pot to give it weight so they wouldn't tip over. To finish it off I put the green crumpled paper on top.

One Tier Topsy Turvy Zebra cake

I thought this turned out really cute. The twelve was also made using the chocolate transfer method. The little balls are made from fondant and then the whole cake was airbrushed with pearly stuff to make it shine.

Bobby Jack Monkey

The Bobby Jack Monkey is made using the chocolate transfer method. I love using that method because you can make just about anything you want. Here is a great link that shows a tutorial on how to do the chocolate transfer method, it is fun and easy. Sadie was made using fondant cutout called Tappits, love these guys! The colored sprinkles on this cake were a complete accident. I had a bowl of them sitting next to the cake and I knocked the bowl so the sprinkles flew all over the kitchen, and on the cake. But I thought they added a nice touch.

Ladybugs and Bow

Ugh! This picture came out awful! But the cake looked cute in person. The little black and red dots are ladybugs made out of fondant. I made each one by hand. And the the loopy bow on top.