Shark Cake

I had so much fun with this cake. My son Chase turned 6 and asked for shark cake. This is what I came up with. Everything is handmade from fondant. The sharks were cut out using a template I printed from the internet. The life saver and the number 6 have shark bites taken out of them. The shark fins on top were cut with one end of a leaf cutter. I thought it made the perfect shark fin shape. The triangles at the top with Chase are supposed to represent shark teeth.

Animal Print Anniversary cake

I had a client as me to do a cake inspired by the theme "Still Wild About You" I loved it! Here I did zebra and cheeta print with matching cookies.

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train cake, inspired by a cake I saw on The Pink Cake Box website.

Fondant Monkey

Here is an up close of one of the fondant monkeys I made for Kai's birthday cake. I think he turned out pretty cute. I used the book Sugar Animals by France McNaughton 

Monkey Cake

My Little Kai turned two in February and he LOVES monkeys. So I decided to make him a monkey cake. The cake barely survived until it was time for the party. When I turned my back he attacked the cake and stole the 3rd monkey and ate it! So, this is the patched cake after he attacked it. Can you blame him? Everything on the cake was made by hand with fondant.

Here is my cute Kai.

Modeling Chocolate

How to Make and Work with Modeling Chocolate

Modeling Chocolate is really easy to make and it is really easy to work with. 

16 oz chocolate melts
1/2 cup corn syrup

Melt chocolate

Add 1/2 cup corn syrup

Stir together, I poured it out onto wax paper
you will end up with something that looks like this:
I know, it looks a little gross
but it is like a big tootsie roll

Once it is done cooling wrap in saran wrap until ready to use.
Then you can work your magic. I used this modeling chocolate to make a tree for a Halloween cake:

Step 1: Made a base our of wire and floral tape
started putting the modelling chocolate on

Step 2:
Kept adding modeling chocolate until it looked right, shaped it and shaded it.

See, it is really simple to make and work with! Have fun creating new things with modeling chocolate!