About me, my cakes and my Cottage Kitchen

I have always had an interest in cake decorating. When I was young I used to walk through the bakery at the grocery store and think how much fun it would be to decorate cakes and be a baker.

Life went on and I went to college, got married, I didn't tap into my talent until 2006 after my second son was born. I took some Wilton classes, soon after I was done taking the classes I started teaching them. I fell in LOVE with baking and decorating.

I pride myself in my cakes not only LOOKING GOOD but TASTING GOOD as well. What good is a cake if it only looks good. Cakes are meant to be eaten! I don't just use a box mix. All my cakes are baked to order.

Now I bake and sell cakes out of my home. It is now legal in the state of Texas to bake and sell out of your house thanks to a new law called the Texas cottage food law. I now operate as a "Cottage Kitchen"

It is simply my home kitchen. I have no pets, there is no smoking in my home. I do have a husband and three little boys who know very well to stay away from the cakes, lol. I keep a clean kitchen and work enviornment.