Baking with a Flower Nail

This is a flower nail, it is used to make flowers but it has another function! If you take it and turn it upside down in your baking pan like in the picture below it will help bake your cake so your cake is more likely to come out nice and rounded on top instead of having sinkage in the middle. It will conduct heat to the center of your cake. It kind of works like a heating core without leaving a big hole in your cake. I put 1 nail in an 8-10 inch pan and 2 nails in 12 inch or larger. Make sure and "paint" them with your homemade cake release so they don't stick to your cake. Did I mention how great the cake release works? I forgot to take a pic of the cake when it came out. I guess you'll have to take my work for it, the cake came out beautifully!

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